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Moving your home can be very stressful. There are so many things that have to get done in a short amount of time, and if things go wrong, it can turn badly very quickly. Of course you can handle the move yourself, but do you really want the added stress of recruiting people to help, renting a truck, packing, unpacking, making sure that your friends and family protect your stuff… I know that it is a big expense, but choosing the right La Habra moving company can turn your stressful move into a much easier experience.

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So How Do You Pick The Right La Habra Moving Company

The first step is to find several moving companies to get a quote from. We always recommend looking for referrals in this stage. You can ask your friends or family members who they used to move them. You can ask your realtor who they recommend. You can even take to social media to ask everyone you know. If that doesn’t turn up enough results, take to Google. You want to get 3-5 moving companies to start with.

Check Their Website:

At this point you want to start researching these companies. The first place you want to start is their website. You want to make sure that they are the actual moving company – not a broker or a contractor. You want to deal with the actual company that does your move (if it doesn’t address this on their website, be sure to ask when you call!). You will also want to make sure that they are licensed and insured. They are going to load all of your valuable belongings into a truck and drive away. Lots of things can happen (even with an excellent moving service) so you want to make sure that everything is insured just in case.

Look For Reviews:

This is probably second nature for you, but you definitely want to check places like Yelp to see what their reviews look like. You want to find a company that cares about the quality of their service and who takes service seriously (we are very proud of our yelp reviews, you can check them out here – Basically you are looking for the general feel of the customers. Of course there may be a few negative reviews in there, but how do they handle them, and what is the overwhelming feel of the customers and what was their experience.

Check The BBB

One last place to check is the BBB. You just want to make sure that there are not a lot of complaints against the company. One or two may be understandable (every company has a bad day), but if there are multiple, then that is a sign to move on to another company.

Set Appointments For A Quote From Your Finalists

Once you have it narrowed down to 3-5 companies, set up an appointment to get a quote from them. If the company can quote you over the phone, that is a bad sign. Any good moving company will want to see your stuff and how much of it there is before they give you a quote. Make sure to ask questions about how they pack, ask to make sure that they will be handling the move (and not subcontracting it), ask about their trucks, and make sure that you understand the quote. You are trusting this mover with most/all of your worldly possessions, so you want to choose the one that you feel best about.

Choose the Best One and Schedule Your Move

At this point, all of the hard work is done! You just have to choose the company that you feel best about and then schedule an appointment with them. Then wait for your moving day to come and let them handle it!


If you are in or near La Habra and you are looking for a good moving company, we would love the opportunity to work with you. We know that you will do your due diligence, but we would love the opportunity to be one of the companies that you take a look at. We take pride in our work and we take our customer service very seriously! Give us a call, we are the Right Movers for the job!

Make An Appointment Today And Save $20

Give us a Call Today at 714-800-3559 and we will take $20 off of the first hour of your move. Just mention that you saw this on our website!