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Finding the right Placentia moving company can be tricky. Just like any industry, there are good moving companies and bad moving companies. Thankfully we do not live in the time when the phone book was the best and only real way to find a moving service. Now, the internet is full of information about companies as well as reviews on third party sites that let you get a lot more information about a moving company before you ever talk to them. This makes it so much easier to avoid getting stuck with one of the “scam” moving companies, and makes you much more likely to find a company that will do the job right.

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How to Avoid a Bad Moving Company

Most of the bad moving companies out there fall into one of three categories. They rent their trucks from rental companies. They do work for moving brokers, never meeting the customer until the day of the move. They advertise exclusively on sites like craigslist with impossibly low rates (that magically increase once the move starts). You do not want to get stuck with any of these types of moving companies, so here are some tips to make sure that you choose the right Placentia moving company.

Tip#1 – Don’t Use Price as the Biggest Determining Factor

Of course price is a factor, it always is in any purchase decision. But in the moving industry, it is very common that the lowest price that you get quoted will probably not be accurate. We hear stories all of the time about homeowners who get quoted a price over the phone and schedule their move. However, once the movers get there, they have a story about how they didn’t realize that there would be so much stuff, or that the house is going to be harder to unload than they thought, etc. and that the price will be much higher than the quoted price. They do this because they can. By this point, the homeowner is counting on the moving company to move them that day. Often, they are at their deadline and do not have time to schedule a move with another moving company.

Tip # 2 – Don’t Deal With A Moving Broker

Moving brokers are basically sales teams that do not do the actual moving. They contract with moving companies to do the actual moving. And while some moving brokers are reputable and work with good moving companies, most are simply not very good. So make sure that you are dealing with the company that will actually be doing the move (ask about this!). You want to get a written estimate from the company that you will be dealing with. Otherwise, you are opening yourself up to the moving company showing up and explaining why it will cost more. It’s just better for you if you deal with the company who will be performing the move.

Tip #3 – Get an In Home Estimate

Many of the less reputable moving companies will offer estimates by phone. This is a bad sign. A good moving company will want to come out to your home to see what they will be moving so that they can give an accurate estimate. Sometimes, if schedules are tight, a good moving company will settle for pictures of the items, but for the most part they will want to see the home in person. That is because a good moving company will stick to the price that they quoted.

These are a few tips to help you to choose the right Orange County moving company. We hope that you will give us a chance to give you an estimate and we are confident that if you do, we will earn your business. We have many very satisfied customers – you can check our Yelp or Facebook reviews for proof!

Make An Appointment Today And Save $20

Give us a Call Today at 714-800-3559 and we will take $20 off of the first hour of your move. Just mention that you saw this on our website!

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